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Anales Médicos receives original and unpublished research manuscripts, reviews, and clinical case reports, as well as letters to the editor that contribute to enriching the knowledge and developing the clinical, epidemiological, and basic aspects of medicine, from all sources and from all countries.
It also receives manuscripts sent by authors from specialties or subjects related to medicine.

Anales Médicos is published quarterly (four issues per year), in print and electronic format with open access (free for authors and readers).
All papers submitted for publication must strictly adhere to the standards and formats described in the instructions to authors, and will be subject to double-blind review by peers and by editors to determine their acceptance.

Current Issue:

Vol.68 Num.4

Volume 68, Number 4

Original article:

Andrei Rangel-Calzada, Dulce T. Gutiérrez-Guadarrama, María F. Trejo-Millán, María E. Soto-López, Enrique Vallejo-Venegas

Global longitudinal strain in patients with stable angina and myocardial ischemia evaluated by SPECT

Rosa E. Soriano-Rosales, Beatriz E. Pérez-Guillé, Emilio Arch-Tirado, Antonio Verduzco-Mendoza, Pamela Sánchez-Pérez

Evaluation of physiological metabolic changes in dogs 60 days of age exposed to direct oxygen tracheostomy

Gerardo Sánchez-Juárez, Gisela Alonso-Torres, Álvaro J. Montiel-Jarquín, Arturo García-Galicia, Nancy R. Bertado-Ramírez, Esmeralda Gracián-Castro, Marco A. González-Martínez, Jorge Loría-Castellanos

Anesthetic efficacy of local infiltration of 1% lidocaine plus 0.2% ropivacaine compared with 2% lidocaine in ambulatory breast surgery

Ana L. Menéndez-Skertchly, Álvaro L. Padilla-Rodriguez, Ángel Martínez-Munive, Fernando Magallanes-Negrete, María del C. Hernández-Baro

Super oxidized water: therapeutic option in the treatment of deep second-degree burns. Experimental study in rats

Elizabeth Zambrano-Sánchez, José A. Martínez-Cortéz, Yolanda del Río-Carlos, Minerva Dehesa-Moreno, Jorge Villalpando-Hernández, Javier Zambrano-Sánchez

Impact of confinement during the COVID-19 pandemic on sleep patterns in school children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Emilio Arch-Tirado, Areli López-Oceguera, María A. Velasco-Orozco, Miriam K. Ramírez-Martínez, María del C. Cores-Maza, Ana L. Lino-González

Set theory for the analysis of the probabilistic intersections between the most common symptoms and factors that generate voice disorders in Mexican teachers

Arturo García-Galicia, Marco A. González-Martínez, Marco A. Ramírez-Salas, Alejandra Aréchiga-Santamaría, Nancy R. Bertado-Ramírez, Álvaro J. Montiel-Jarquín, Gisela Alonso-Torres, Jorge Loría-Castellanos

Sleep disorders in children aged 2 to 16 years without neurodevelopmental disturbances

Review article:

Miguel A. Martínez-Camacho, Dalia S. Lugo-García, Rafael Salazar-Pérez

Bioethical aspects of physiotherapy in the intensive care unit

Juan C. Delgado-Uriarte, Karen E. Guzman-Sanchez, Bryan A. Priego-Parra, Noel I. Plascencia-Alvarez, Claudia M. Sánchez-Martinez, Lilia Nuñez-Orozco

Human gut microbiota and Parkinson’s disease