Anales Médicos is the official dissemination organ of Asociación Médica del Centro Médico ABC.

Anales Médicos receives original and unpublished research manuscripts, reviews, and clinical case reports, as well as letters to the editor that contribute to enriching the knowledge and developing the clinical, epidemiological, and basic aspects of medicine, from all sources and from all countries.
It also receives manuscripts sent by authors from specialties or subjects related to medicine.

Anales Médicos is published quarterly (four issues per year), in print and electronic format with open access (free for authors and readers).
All papers submitted for publication must strictly adhere to the standards and formats described in the instructions to authors, and will be subject to double-blind review by peers and by editors to determine their acceptance.

Current Issue:

Vol.69 Num.1

January - March,
Volume 69, Number 1

Original articles:

Alejandro Reyes-Sánchez, Joab D. Olivo-Gómez, José L. Barragán-Hermosillo, Juan C. Gómez-Ríos, Luis M. Rosales-Olivarez, Armando Alpízar-Aguirre, Alejandro Miranda-Palestino, Alejandro Domínguez-Soto, Carla L. García-Ramos

Measurement of surgical incisions after lumbar spine surgery by posterior approach

Sabatha Schravesande-de la Macorra, Paul D. Uribe-Jaime

Cultural perception of cerebrovascular stroke in a cohort of Mexican patients

Esmeralda Gracián-Castro, Nancy R. Bertado-Ramírez, Arturo García-Galicia, Daniel Núñez-Corona, Gisela Alonso-Torres, Álvaro J. Montiel-Jarquín, Jorge Loría-Castellanos

Urinary symptoms decrease quality of life in patients with Parkinson’s disease

Emma López-Hernández, Guillermo Domínguez-Cherit, Bernardo J. Gutiérrez-Sougarret, Hugo A. Sánchez-Aguilar, Adrián Palacios-Chavarría, Miguel F. Herrera-Hernández

Anesthesia based on fentanyl infusion for patients with morbid obesity undergoing bariatric surgery. Is it a safe technique?

Álvaro J. Montiel-Jarquín, José A. García-Santiago, Arturo García-Galicia, Ángel J. Severino-Ovando, Carlos A. Cortés-García, Edgar Bautista-Soto, Luis P. Valencia-Montiel, Paola Lima-Hernández, Jorge Loría-Castellanos, Nancy R. Bertado-Ramírez, Eduardo Vázquez-Cruz, Akihiki M. González-López

Sensitivity and specificity of transoperative histopathological study compared to definitive histopathological report in patients with thyroid nodule TIRADS 4 and 5

Enrique de Font-Réaulx, Adalberto González-Astiazarán

Sustainable model for epilepsy surgery in vulnerable population

Review articles:

Óscar C. Decanini-Terán, Mayrelle Martínez-Quincosa, Edgar A. González-Macedo, Jorge G. Obregón-Méndez, Avi Afya, Martín Vega-de Jesús

Minimally invasive surgery as a treatment for colorectal cancer

Ariana Cerón-Apipilhuasco, Jorge Loría-Castellanos, Juan R. Mendoza-Carrillo, Thalía L. Luna-Jiménez, Andrés S. Pérez-Giráldez, Jonathan Minian-Okon, Natalia Bueno-Muñoz

TALK© debriefing as a tool to improve teamwork in emergency departments

Jorge A. Ruiz-Ortuño, Eloy Rico-Frontana, Alejandro Madero-Arteaga, Yunuen Rodríguez-Sánchez, David Vargas-Villarreal

Urethral stricture, the current role of urethroplasty. Literature review

Clinical cases:

Diana I. Garay-Mendoza, Norma Montes De Oca-García, Erandy Montes de Oca-García, Randy R. Álvarez-Rangel

Acute abdomen caused by acute appendicitis of tuberculous origin