Anales Médicos is the official dissemination organ of Asociación Médica del Centro Médico ABC.

Anales Médicos receives original and unpublished research manuscripts, reviews, and clinical case reports, as well as letters to the editor that contribute to enriching the knowledge and developing the clinical, epidemiological, and basic aspects of medicine, from all sources and from all countries.
It also receives manuscripts sent by authors from specialties or subjects related to medicine.

Anales Médicos is published quarterly (four issues per year), in print and electronic format with open access (free for authors and readers).
All papers submitted for publication must strictly adhere to the standards and formats described in the instructions to authors, and will be subject to double-blind review by peers and by editors to determine their acceptance.

Current Issue:

Vol.69 Num.2

Volume 69, Number 2

Original articles:

Clotilde M. Andrade-Bonilla, Arturo García-Galicia, Maricarmen Tapia-Venancio, Alfonso Villaseñor-Herrero, Verónica Vallejo-Ruiz, Diana López-García, Karla I. E. Suárez-Salgado, Álvaro J. Montiel-Jarquín, Nancy R. Bertado-Ramírez, Jorge Loría-Castellanos

Human papillomavirus genotype in Mexican adults with laryngeal papillomatosis

Alberto Avila-Luna, Rodrigo Cruz-Castro, Juan Torrijos-Pérez, Antonio Verduzco-Mendoza, Arturo Gálvez-Rosas, Alexander Aguirre-Pérez, Antonio Bueno-Nava

Pyrexia and changes in striatal GABA and glutamate release during motor functional deficit and recovery in a model of severe traumatic brain injury

Ana L. Lino-González, Bernarda Téllez-Alanís, Bruma Palacios-Hernández, Paul Carrillo-Mora

Episodic memory and self-perceived memory in older adults during the pandemic

José C. Sauri-Barraza, Eduardo Callejas-Ponce, Eugenio Carral-Robles-León, Carlo E. Bañuelos-Aluzzi, J.A. Israel Romero-Rangel, Roberto A. de Leo-Vargas

Success of a screening protocol for safe spine surgery during the early COVID-19 pandemic in a COVID-free hospital in Mexico

Mónica Drucker-Zertuche, Cecilia González-Martínez

Breast reconstruction and radiotherapy

Franz Vera-Miranda, Edgar Bautista-Soto, Álvaro J. Montiel-Jarquín, Luis P. Valencia-Montiel, Ernesto Hernández-Jiménez, Nancy R. Bertado-Ramírez, Arturo García-Galicia, Jorge Loría-Castellanos, Maricarmen Tapia-Venancio, José A. García-Santiago

Electrocardiographic findings in hospitalized patients with active SARS-CoV-2 infection

Martha Valdivia-Muñoz, Marla Trujillo-Bracamontes, Miguel Cervantes-Arenas, Ma. del Consuelo Martínez-Wbaldo

Prevalence of vestibular pathology in a tertiary institution

Pedro Trujillo-Zambrano, Ricardo Juárez-Ruiz, Paulina C. Murphy-Ruiz, Emilio Arch-Tirado, Ana L. Lino-González

Comparative evaluation of memory in patients with a history of COVID-19: objective performance vs. self-perception

Review articles:

Valeria Del Real-Machain, Abril Brown-Jacinta, Nora A. Palafox-Jiménez, Fernando Dias-Nogueira, Carlos I. Romero-Torres, Fernanda Orozco-Muñoz, José H. Ruiz-Colunga, Ariana Cerón-Apipilhuasco, Jorge Loría-Castellanos

Virtual reality and augmented reality as an educational tool in cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Ricardo Cruz-Silva, Jhonattan D. Castro-Pérez, David O. Esparza-Hernández, Alan R. Martínez-Morales, Arturo Noriega-Anaya

The importance of the virtual chest pain unit in the hospital area